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Kuvasz Puppies

Kuvasz puppies are available from these Kuvasz breeders who are members in good standing of the Kuvasz Club of America along with Breeder of Merit designations to the American Kennel Club.

Breeders of Kuvasz puppies must meet the following criteria to be accepted as an AKC Breeder of Merit:

  • History of at least five years involvement with AKC events
  • Earned AKC Conformation, Performance or Companion event titles on a minimum of four Kuvasz dogs from AKC litters they bred/co-bred
  • Member of an AKC Club
  • Certifies that applicable health screens are performed on Kuvasz breeder stock as recommended by the AKC Parent Club (Kuvasz Club of America)
  • Demonstrates a 100% commitment to ensuring Kuvasz puppies from the breeder are individually AKC registered

Breeder listings on this page are provided as a service to potential buyers and in no way constitute an endorsement or preference on the part of KCA.

Ederra Kuvasz

Silverado, CA 92676

Breeder: Maria Arechaederra

P: 949.981.7646

E: Email

S: Facebook

Rebel Ridge Kuvasz

Tucker, GA 30084 (Atlanta)

Breeder: Robin & Tony Miller

P: 770.934.0309

E: Email

W: Website

Elek Kuvasz

East Peoria, IL 

Breeder: Eryn Pearson

P: 309.339.8000

E: Email

Ruswood Kennels

Plano, IL 60545

Breeder: Sarah & Correy Krickeberg

4469 Little Rock Rd

P: 724.462.9987

E: Email

Telaquire Kuvasz


Breeder: Michelle Rowland

P: 217.493.4997

E: Email

W: Website

Galaxy Kuvasz


Breeder: Doreen MacPherson

P: 586.764.6921

E: Email

Kuvasz puppies

Szumeria Kuvasz

Farmington, MN 55024

Breeder: Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend

Address: 2689 220th St E

P: 651.460.4823

F: 651.460.4825

E: Email

W: Website

Kuvasz puppies

Double Ring Kuvasz

Fredericktown, MO 63645

Breeder: Chuck & Kathy Ringering

P: 573.756.8321

F: 573.756.6252

E: Email

W: Website

Beke Kuvasz

New Mexico

Breeder: Karen Rawers

P: 858.945.5952

E: Email

Rising River Kennels

Harrod, OH 45850

Breeder: Ben Warnock

9685 Harding Hwy

P: 419.230.6535

E: Email

Kuvasz puppies

Szep Tars Kuvasz

Kirkland, WA 98034

Breeder: Tricia & Matthew Ginther

Address: 8610 NE 136 St

P: 425.753.8776

E: Email

W: Website