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KCA represents the highest standards for dogs, breeders and owners. Owners are an essential part of the KCA equation. Even the most famous show dog will spend more of their life at home as a pet than in the show ring. In our breed, not all pets are show dogs, but almost all show dogs are pets, and all dogs are closely engaged with their human families.

Ultimately the real values of club membership are information, support and friendship. There is no more democratic institution than a dog club where people from very different walks of life, opposite political persuasions, rich/poor, urban/rural can all come together in celebration and support of the Kuvasz and the unique experience that owning a Kuvasz engenders.

So join us for conversation, information, sharing health issues, behavioral issues, training, breeding, obedience, rally, carting, tracking, therapy, agility tips and funny Kuvasz tricks. In time, some of you “just” pet owners may find yourself dabbling in the next dog sport like many of our present breeders and dog show attendees who once also began as “just” pet owners.

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