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Kuvasz Club of America

Silver Whiskers Society

The Kuvasz Club of America celebrates Kuvasz longevity by recognizing dogs (past or present) who reached 11 years of age or older. KCA members whose dogs are inducted into the Silver Whiskers Society will have their dogs’ information and photos published on the Silver Whiskers Society web page and in the Kuvasz Quarterly, as applications are received.

Please note that our new Silver Whiskers Society application form is still in development. In the meanwhile, to submit your senior dogs for Silver Whiskers recognition, please click here to send the dog’s registered name, call name, birthdate, date deceased (if no longer living), and owner’s name, along with a photo (high resolution if possible).
Registered NameCall NameBornDeceasedAgeOwnersPhoto
Starhaven Up On The HousetopVixen12/6/2012livingTami & Tim Jacobs
UKC ALCH Taliszman Drinks Are On Me BN RI CGCA CGCU FDC TKN TT RATI UL-ISmitty12/4/2012livingElizabeth Butler & Katherine Knapp & Gene Hayes
Starhaven Radly Boo CGC TTBoo3/12/2007livingTami & Tim Jacobs
Starhaven's Renown CGCCyrus3/12/2007livingKen & Kathie Booth
CH Baratsagos Bolyhos HaverHaver7/6/2008livingAgi Hejja
CH Szumeria's Dime Store Magic RNJinx6/8/2006livingMarcella Woerman
Autumn Winds Dream GirlKicsike3/31/2008livingDianne Bonnivier and Nick Vay
Double Ring Force of Nature at SzepTarsTerra3/31/2008livingMatthew and Tricia Ginther
Int/Am BISS CH Szumeria's Native Son RN TT CGCYani5/1/2008livingClare Braden & Constance Townsend
CH Szumeria’s Just One Look CGCDazzle8/26/2007livingJuli Peterson
Szumeria's Ice PrincessEmma9/22/2009livingTom and Nancy Bell
GCHB CH Szumeria’s Sing A Song Of Six Pence, HOFSong8/3/2008livingSandy Herring, Lynn Brady, and Connie Townsend
Double Ring Life with Lucy CGCLucy5/15/2010livingBob and Marilyn Poremba
CH Szumeria's Wildwood Ruby Red Dzrt NJP RN CGC VPAJello6/17/200212/2/201715 years, 5 month(s)Bea & Clay Page
Szumeria's Ruby Red White and BlueLiberty6/17/20027/15/201715 years, 1 month(s)Rick & Laura Baur
CH Szumeria's Legend CDX BN RAE OA OAJ NAP OJP CGC TT CPA OOAA ROAA SAPA JAPA VOAA OS TKNLegend3/10/19983/14/201315 years, 0 month(s)Bea & Clay Page
Galaxy's Mars of WildwoodMars10/8/20032/19/201814 years, 4 month(s)Brian M Bosarge & Suzan R Bosarge
KelseyKelsey10/17/19732/2/198814 years, 3 month(s)John Samtak
CH Szumeria's Jamaican Music COAAMarley10/06/199912/21/201314 years, 2 month(s) Sandy Herring
CH Asgard's' Whistling DixieDixie12/23/19932/25/200714 years, 2 month(s)Dore Engstrom
CH Szumeria's Queen of Hearts CD RN CGC VPA ODRuby2/17/19985/7/201214 years, 2 month(s)Bea & Clay Page
CH Double Ring Rebel Ridge Waterford, FDC CGC VPACrystal6/2/20045/22/201914 years, 11 month(s)Tony & Robin Miler & Kathy & Chuck Ringering
Mauna Kea's Gale Force WindLily3/7/19964/20/201014 years, 1 month(s)Marian Pitcairn


Starhavens Regal Rin, UD, ThDNRiska3/12/20073/29/2114 yearsBarbara Mark
Szumeria's Ezust HattyuHattyu10/12/20027/19/201613 years, 9 month(s)Rebecca Knittle & Howard Vogel
Szumeria's Starlight Express CD RE CGCPeachie1/10/19988/25/201113 years, 7 month(s)Doreen MacPherson
CH Starhavens Frost Fire CDBrin5/28/198912/8/200213 years, 6 month(s)Ronnie & Frank Weaver
Akira von EisgbirgeKatie6/17/200212/4/201513 years, 5 month(s)Joy Schneider
BISS CH Szumeria's Masterharper Robinton RNRobbie1/1/20045/30/201713 years, 4 month(s)Gene Rudd & Kathy Sherry
CH Rebel Ridge Cayenne Pepper TKIPepper5/1/20079/9/202013 years, 4 month(s)Tony and Robin Miller
Szumeria's Rising Sumer SonHogan1/5/19984/27/201113 years, 3 month(s)Lynn Brady & C D Townsend
CH Szumeria's Endless SumerSugar1/29/19995/7/201213 years, 3 month(s)Claudia Muir & David Hoffman
LaillyLailly4/1/19997/5/201213 years, 3 month(s)Elizabeth Butler
CH Szumeria's Atta GirlTouche10/8/20032/4/201713 years, 3 month(s)Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend
Szumeria's Drunk and DisorderlyDuncan12/5/20033/6/201713 years, 3 month(s)Tom Bell
CH Szumeria's Nostrings AttachedMilo12/4/19993/2/201313 years, 2 month(s)Ellen Lamale
Szumeria's Golden Ramoth CGC RNRamie1/1/20043/23/201713 years, 2 month(s)Deborah Davis
CH Szumeria's Cowboy DougMcLeod01/23/200012/10/201313 years, 11 month(s)Ester Noiles
Szumeria's Silver DollarSilver6/27/20026/17/201613 years, 11 month(s)Russ & Pat Tanaguchi
Szumeria's Lead SingerJagger2/6/20061/24/202013 years, 11 month(s)Stacie & Rick Nordvold
Starhaven's Radiance CGCRoxy3/12/20071/14/202113 years, 10 month(s)Ken & Kathie Booth


CH Asgard Lofranco Boku OS Bo12/4/19891/14/200313 years, 1 month(s)Dore Engstrom
Szumeria's By Invitation OnlyInvi10/6/199911/23/201213 years, 1 month(s)Donna & Gary Loock
CH Double Ring Moonlight SerenadeSera11/19/199912/24/201213 years, 1 month(s)Katharine Ringering
Telperion Castle KeeperCassie5/5/20006/14/201313 years, 1 month(s)William & Lee Rayser
CH Szumeria's Surround SoundDolby10/24/200011/29/201313 years, 1 month(s)Donna & Gary Loock
CH Vertesi Selymes VaganyVagany10/24/200012/4/201313 years, 1 month(s)Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend
Szumeria's FancyFancy6/2/20047/15/201713 years, 1 month(s)Kenneth & Jane Woodward
Szumeria's Utah JazzUtah6/2/20048/1/201713 years, 1 month(s)Ellen Lamale
Sheep’s Puppy Laylek TarshaLayla5/1/19955/30/200813 years, 0 monthsBruce and Shawnadean Bateman
Keatchi's Bold SkyMaggie4/9/19924/23/200513 years, 0 month(s)Susan Data-Samtak
Oak Hill's Temptress DakotaDakota3/29/20004/26/201313 years, 0 month(s)Donna Pratt
CH Double Ring Oz the MagnificentOz1/11/20011/15/201413 years, 0 month(s)Johnny Bridges
CH Szumeria's Wildwood Ruby Red ZingerZinger6/17/20027/8/201513 years, 0 month(s)Lynn Brady & Constance Townsend
Szumeria's Wildwood Penny Wise RNEinstein1/17/20052/1/201813 years, 0 month(s)Will Murphy
CH Starhavens Notorious LolaLola9/23/20007/17/201312 years, 9 month(s)William and Lee Rayser
CH Szumeria's Awesome AgainAnnie10/1/20007/19/201312 years, 9 month(s)Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend
GCHB Double Ring Tarees Dream MachineDiesel12/30/200510/10/201812 years, 9 month(s)Tony and Robin Miller
CH Starhavens GhillienGhillie4/9/19901/1/200312 years, 8 month(s)Agi & Sandor Hejja
BISS CH Szumeria's One for the Money CD BN RAE OAP NJP CGC TT COAA OOAA ROAA SAPA VOAA HOFPenny1/13/20029/24/201412 years, 8 month(s)Bea & Clay Page
Szumeria's Ruby Wildwood Spring CD RE CGCBrooke6/17/20022/21/201512 years, 8 month(s)Tom Bell
CH Starhaven's Radiant GlowGlow3/12/200712/10/201912 years, 8 month(s)John Samtak and Susan Data-Samtak
Starhavens Pasa's PearlPearl1/13/20029/4/201412 years, 7 month(s)Agi & Sandor Hejja
Szumeria's Better Late Than NeverMaggie1/17/20059/5/201712 years, 7 month(s)Sherry Cline
Int CH/Am GCH Double Ring Barbarian CD CGC TT ANDD MDD VPA HOFAttila12/30/20058/10/201812 years, 7 month(s)Steve Oppenheimer and Kathy Ringering
Szep Tars Sermon At SzumeriaPreacher1/10/20027/23/201412 years, 6 month(s)Julie Peterson, Zandra, Zac & Oscar
CH Szep Tars Pacific Jewel RN CGCJuli1/13/20027/29/201412 years, 6 month(s)Mathew & Tricia Ginther
Am/Can CH AKC GCH Szep Tars Desert Freeze CD RA CGCFlurry1/13/20028/11/201412 years, 6 month(s)Matthew & Tricia Ginther
CH Cezar vd ViersenhoevenCezar3/12/20079/15/201912 years, 6 month(s)Marion and Robert Pitcairn
GCHG CH Szumeria’s Wildwood Silver Six Pence. CGC, HOF, VPATanner8/3/20081/7/2112 years, 5 month(s)Lynn Brady, Connie Townsend, and Claudia Muir
CH Double Ring Peterbilt COAA HOFCargo1/10/20027/4/201412 years, 5 month(s)Ivan Miller
CH Szumeria's Lucy Clover RNLucy Clover12/17/19975/10/201012 years, 4 month(s)Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend
Czigany Gracie CDGracie3/7/19936/9/200512 years, 3 month(s)Barbara Mark
GCH Starhavens Razzle DazzleDezi3/12/20077/5/201912 years, 3 month(s)Agi and Sandor Hejja
GCHS Rebel Ridge Blue Moon FDC TKI HOF OSMani11/25/20092/19/2212 years, 2 monthsIvan & Robin Miller
Darabi's LyssaLyssa5/1/19897/1/200112 years, 2 month(s)Ken and Kathie Booth
CH Starhavens Impossible DreamKimber5/29/19918/1/200312 years, 2 month(s)Ronnie and Frank Weaver
CH Czigany AnnieAnnie5/29/19918/22/200312 years, 2 month(s)Barbara Mark
CH Double Ring New Southern Glory CGC CPAGlory1/1/200112/21/201312 years, 11 month(s)Ivan & Robin Miller
Szumeria’s Just One More Time CGCChance8/26/20078/12/2012 years, 11 month(s)Anita and Mike Courts
Koval's Cherokee DawnCherokee4/26/19973/23/201012 years, 10 month(s)Donna Pratt
Szumeria's Yeshe KuveraYeshe8/4/20006/21/201312 years, 10 month(s)Susan Patterson
AKC/Int CH Szumeria's Snowbird Salute RN CD TT CGCSnowzi4/16/20012/20/201412 years, 10 month(s)Clare Braden
CH Szumeria's No Great Mischief RNJessie6/19/20014/22/201412 years, 10 month(s)Lynn Brady & Connie Townsend
Szumeria's Arctic Son of Polar X-masPolar10/3/20038/10/201612 years, 10 month(s)Shannon Kawa
Szumeria's Sunshine Of Our Lives SolarSolar10/3/20038/29/201612 years, 10 month(s)Steve & Lori Boyer
Szumeria's Gabi ExstedGabi1/17/200512/2/201712 years, 10 month(s)Bob and Manuela Berstein
Komlovari CsengeCsenge5/10/19937/8/200512 years, 1 month(s)Agi & Sandor Hejja
Szumeria's BoBo6/17/20027/4/201412 years, 0 month(s)Sacha Khanbegian
CH Double Ring Butiful DreamerDreamer3/23/199410/14/200511 years, 6 month(s)Sandy Herring
CH Szumeria's Wildwood Pretty Penny VCD2 BN GN HIT MXP3 MJP RAE2 TD CGC TT OOAA HOFMoola7/24/20052/4/201711 years, 6 month(s)Connie Townsend, Lynn Brady, Bea & Clay Page & Will Murphy
Szumeria's Essential EquipmentEdgrr1/27/097/31/2011 years, 6 month(s)Carol Keehn
CH Whitewood Ye London Fog CDLondon11/29/19804/10/199211 years, 4 month(s)Agi Hejja
Double Ring Lily’s LegacyRemi5/15/201010/7/202111 years, 4 month(s)Marian Pitcairn
Hippitanyai TabuTabu6/27/197010/10/198111 years, 3 month(s)Agi Hejja
CH Czigany Asgard Krisy KringleKrisy12/19/19882/20/199911 years, 2 month(s)Dore Engstrom
Szumeria's Wild Irish Rose BN, RE, THDXRosie7/7/20086/20/2011 years, 11 months(s)Tom & Linda Harlander
Windflowers Kope CGCKope4/16/19973/1/200911 years, 10 month(s)Barbara Mark

Style: "AJ"

CH Szumeria's Pandora Esperanza RNDora02/06/200603/23/201711 years, 1 month(s)Connie Townsend, Lynn Brady & Doreen MacPherson-Hardt
CH Whitewoods Havas StarhavenAba7/19/19838/6/199411 years, 0 month(s)Agi Hejja
Szumeria's Artful DodgerAlden7/24/200508/10/201611 years, 0 month(s)Charles and Zorika Henderson